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Principal's Message

Marian L. Strok, Principal

To ALL!!!
This new year of 2023 has begun with great news.  WE DID IT!!! We were re-designated a National Forum 'School To Watch' for Middle Grades Reform for the 4th time! (Designated 5 times). 
I became the principal of this beautiful Middle School 16 years ago and I cannot believe this year is almost over. I cannot tell you how grateful I am everyday to say I still LOVE what I do to help to develop students into critical thinkers, especially in the turmoil of today.  
To the 'almost' graduates of the Class of 2023, life has its peaks and valleys and its challenges.  You can't have a bouquet of roses without a few thorns.  But you can do it!!! Don't wait for the storm to pass...dance in the rain. 
Please continue to keep yourselves and others safe by taking some of the lessons we learned continue to practice them. 
Students...Remember the Fish Philosophy and BE THERE for others with all you have to offer and truly Choose Your Attitude in all you do. Try to Make Someone's Day each day...Especially right now. Finally, ...Play.  Find a way to have fun. Education needs to be exciting. 
Practice the Formative Five:
  • Use INTEGRITY in all you do. remember what is right. 
  • Practice SELF-CONTROL This will become harder and harder you see injustice everywhere but be patient and be the change.
  • Do not just accept diversity...EMBRACE DIVERSITY.  Understand each others differences.
  • Have EMPATHY for those around you. Walk in the other person's shoes.
  • Finally, persevere...be persistent..that's GRIT. 
Remember to help where needed and ASK for help when you need it. Call your grandparents...and elderly neighbors...check on those you love. 
WE  must all 'Be the Calm'. 
Remember: We are Evergreen Academy Middle School...Where Excellence is THE Expectation...We have Exemplary Status for Social Emotional Learning. We are a National Forum School to Watch through 2023 with our next visit coming soon...and we plan to stay that way…It's 212º not 211º that makes a Difference....Push the limits. and know...ONCE A TIGER....ALWAYS a TIGER. 
 We love you. 
Mrs. Marian L. Strok
We're All in this Together!!! (2010-2013)
SING!!! (2013-2016)
ROAR!!! (2016-2019)
You Only Get What You Give (2019-2023)