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Mission & Vision

This is a revised Vision/Mission Statement in accordance with our School Improvement Plan for the 2020-2021 school years.



Equity + Empathy + 212° = Excellence



We, at Evergreen Academy Middle School, ensure that students are prepared to collaborate, innovate, and apply skills for chosen career fields in an environment guided by the middle school values of academic excellence, social equity, developmental responsiveness, and a positive organizational structure. We work to develop and sustain strong leadership that facilitates a collaborative and safe environment with a rigorous, integrated, standards-based curriculum. We empower all students to explore, create, make decisions, problem-solve, share ideas, and advocate for their community as they work towards becoming more productive, empathetic citizens in a diverse society.


School Priorities for 20-21


CCSS Literacy, Math 

EL Instruction

Social & Emotional Learning