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CIWP Priority Goals

Middle School Focus

At EAMS this means…



  • Rigorous Academic standards and instruction
  • ALL teachers highly qualified  with Middle School endorsements in multiple subjects
  • Multi-tiered Systems of Support for all (from those struggling to our  gifted)
  • Honors Literature with College Board curriculum
  • Algebra for high-school placement
  • ATTENDANCE COUNTS and is celebrated


  • Focus on the FISH Philosophy: Choose your Attitude, Be There, Make Their Day, Play (Education is Fun)
  • Exploratory Classes include: PE, Mandarin, Library, Music, Art, & Tech
  • Advisory period with Personal Adult Advocate (PAA) that remains for 3 years
  • Club Period once a week
  • Dress Down Days
  • Attendance Incentives
  • Sports, Service Learning, All-Stars Program


  • Consistent School Wide Policies
  • Student Uniform Worn Daily
  • Discipline Committee
  • Working Student Advisory Council (SAC) gives students voice
  • Sports are offered for male/female
  • Access for to all technology
  • Diversity is Celebrated (Opening School BBQ, Cultural Night, Club Showcase, etc.)
Sound Organizational


  • Principal has an open door policy
  • Teachers have a ‘these are OUR students’ positive attitude
  • Departmental schedule for ALL students
  • High School scheduling for 8th grade
  • Parent Committees include: LSC, PAC and BAC
  • School Committees Include: Instructional Leadership, Discipline, Student Advisory, Grade Level Team
  • Works closely with Network/ District supports
  • Committed to Professional Development for new educational ideas